The U.S. New York Stock Market slumped in the'mouth' of the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on the 24th local time.

The New York Stock Exchange's Dow Jones 30 Industrial Average closed at 31,961.86, up 424.51 points (1.35%) from the battlefield.

It broke the record high based on the closing price.

The Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500 index rose 44.06 points (1.14%) to 3,925.43, while the technology-oriented NASDAQ index rose 132.77 points (0.99%) to 13,597.97.

Major indices, which had fallen considerably at the beginning of the market, that the 10-year Treasury bond rate soared to 1.4%, the highest level since February last year, rebounded sharply shortly after Powell's remarks at a parliamentary hearing.

Chairman Powell attended the House Financial Committee today and dismissed inflation concerns, saying it would take three years to reach the Fed's inflation target.

The New York Stock Exchange almost made up for the decline the day before, drawing a steep downward curve when Powell made a ``pigeon'' statement at a Senate hearing that he would maintain zero interest rates for a long time.

Tesla, which had been adjusted sharply in recent years in conjunction with the bitcoin price, succeeded in rebounding by 6.2%.

In particular, GameStop, which fell sharply after the stock price surged at the end of last month due to the'ant revolt', soared 104% in one day, and trading was suspended at the last minute.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)