Düsseldorf / Wuppertal (dpa / lnw) - In her spare time, a police officer mistook an SPD campaign worker for a burglar and checked his personal details.

The alleged misunderstanding has now called the Interior Ministry on the scene, which is investigating the incident.

As can be seen from a report to the interior committee of the state parliament, the woman became a victim of burglars in Wuppertal in June 2020.

A few weeks later, she made a strange observation on her street: A stranger had "visited various house entrances and looked for 'cover' in the area of ​​nearby houses for her personal impression."

In fact, according to the SPD, the man had put flyers into mailboxes for the local election campaign at the time.

Since he no longer had any leaflets with him, the officer did not believe the man and - although she actually works in Düsseldorf and was not on duty - had the search database searched for him.

Then she said she let him go.

She does not create a process for this.

The case only became known there through a complaint from the Wuppertal SPD to the police.


The authorities complained to the woman that she had not given notice - and then put the case on file.

The Interior Ministry now wants to re-examine the case, as the reports from the police and the representation of the incident by the SPD parliamentary group in the state parliament contradict one another.

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Report to the state parliament