North Korea's Labor Party general secretary, Kim Jong-un, held an expansion meeting of the Party's Central Military Committee, emphasizing the establishment of discipline within the People's Army and strengthening control of new generation military executives.

The labor newspaper reported that "the first expansion meeting of the 8th Central Military Committee was held at the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Party yesterday," and that General Secretary Kim Jong-un led the expansion meeting.

At yesterday's (24th) meeting, the issue of establishing discipline was discussed by pointing out the political and moral flaws of military executives.

General Secretary Kim said that establishing a revolutionary moral discipline in the military is a fate problem related to the survival of the military and the success or failure of military activities. I ordered it.

Secretary General Kim also instructed, "The establishment of revolutionary discipline and moral ethos in all party organizations and political institutions in the military will be the main tasks of the present time and will proceed with intensive progress"

At yesterday's meeting, Kim Sung-gil was appointed Naval Commander and Kim Choong-il was appointed aviation and anti-aircraft commander.

In addition, North Korean military personnel were carried out, including Defense Minister Kim Jeong-gwan and General Political Bureau chief Kwon Young-jin being promoted to the second rank.

(Photo = Labor News website capture, Yonhap News)