A 35-year-old man from Weert was sentenced to eight months in prison on Wednesday for violence against the police and the looting of a Jumbo branch during the curfew riots in Eindhoven on January 24.

The penalty is equal to the requirement of the Public Prosecution Service (OM).

He must also pay the supermarket chain compensation of 9,950 euros.

The court in Den Bosch will hear five criminal cases on Wednesday that arose from the violent riots in Eindhoven.

The suspect from Weert, Ruengelo A., stayed away from the courtroom and let his lawyer speak.

He did not want to make any statement after his arrest.

The judge ruled that A., who is currently free, must be detained again because of the risk of recurrence.

According to the judge, A. threw stones at the police and hit a police bus.

The criminal file contains a photo in which he - when the riots were yet to erupt - is ready to confront the police in a fighting position.

Rioters wreaked havoc that cost hundreds of thousands of euros

In protest against the curfew, people gathered around noon on that day at 18 Septemberplein.

The situation escalated around 2 p.m.

The Mobile Unit (ME) carried out charges and drove the crowd of several hundred rioters towards Eindhoven Central Station.

There the rioters wreaked havoc.

The windows of the station were smashed, a ProRail car was set on fire and the Jumbo branch in the station building was looted.

ProRail estimated that tons of damage had been done.

The role of A. in the looting is also clear from a photo.

In the photo he has a cash drawer under his arm and a can of Red Bull in his hand.

According to his lawyer, he did not take the cash drawer.