Covid in France: Véran announces weekend confinement in the agglomeration of Dunkirk

The agglomeration of Dunkirk will be subject to local containment during the weekends to counter an "alarming" incidence of the Covid-19 epidemic, announced the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

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The agglomeration of Dunkirk will be subject from this weekend to local containment during weekends, from Friday evening to Monday morning, to counter an "alarming" incidence of the Covid-19 epidemic, announced Wednesday on the spot the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.


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In this agglomeration of 250,000 inhabitants, of whom “ 

one in a hundred falls ill every week 

”, weekend trips will only be possible for certain reasons, and the ten largest shopping centers will no longer function by “click-and-go”. , specified the minister.

Like what was decided and implemented in the Alpes-Maritimes department last weekend 

", businesses other than food will also remain closed, added Mr. Véran.

An epidemic situation " 

very worrying, even alarming


These measures, decided after consultation with the local elected officials who approved them, are justified by the epidemic situation " 

very worrying, alarming even

 " in Dunkirk, where the incidence rate of the disease is " 

double what it was. at the height of the first and second waves

 ”, explained the minister.

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Local hospitals are saturated, to the point that it is necessary "to 

transfer patients from now on to other hospitals in the region, and tomorrow, it is probable

 ", elsewhere in France, he added.

The mayor (DVG) of Dunkirk, Patrice Vergriete, said he “ 


 ” the government's decision.


We wanted to give prevention a chance, but the general situation is more difficult, the population must understand that, 

” he explained.


The hospital is saturated, the nursing staff exhausted.

Now I am waiting for the Dunkirk people to respect the decisions,

 ”he added.

For me, confining the weekend is not enough ...

Murielle Vergoote, liberal nurse

Marie Casadebaig


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