After years of glory on the boxing ring - which made him a huge fortune that was later squandered - and back to the brink of bankruptcy, legendary American boxer Mike Tyson reaps huge profits from his new project in the cultivation of marijuana.

In 2018, Tyson began a project to grow marijuana (the heads of the Indian hemp or banjo plants) for medicinal purposes, and for this, he allocated a farm on an area of ​​16 hectares in California, USA.

The Spanish newspaper "AS" (AS) quoted figures confirming that the famous boxer makes about half a million dollars a month from his profitable project.

She explained that Tyson is also taking advantage of his farm to satisfy his constant desire to consume marijuana, and quoted him as saying in a previous statement that he, with a close friend, consumes $ 40,000 a month from this drug.

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Tyson does not hide this obsession, and appeared in a number of interviews smoking marijuana, whose consumption is legal in California and a number of US regions.

This project allowed Tyson to recoup part of his losses after declaring bankruptcy in 2003, even though he made about half a billion dollars during 56 professional fights in his career.

Tyson, 54, recently returned to the boxing ring and decided to compete in a number of exhibition fights, beginning with confronting Roy Jones in a match that ended in a draw last November.