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The National Police arrested a 24-year-old computer scientist in San Blas last Saturday, accused of stealing erotic photos of his girlfriend's friends with his mobile phone thanks to Wi-Fi.

The man, born in Peru and nationalized Spanish, faces

an alleged crime of revealing secrets

and the agents have seized his mobile phone, as they suspect that it could take some time with this illegal activity to hack other devices.

The detainee's girlfriend was the one who unleashed this case.

He saw how his partner was looking at erotic photos and asked for an explanation.

At that moment, she verified that the images she was observing were of one of her best friends and called her asking for an explanation.

The girlfriend was very upset and asked how nude photos of her had gotten to her partner's mobile phone.

The woman denied that she had sent him any images and showed him on her mobile that she had never shared photos with him.

Finally, the young man confessed and said that he

launched a cyberattack on several mobile phones to seize erotic photos of his friends

taking advantage of a party where most of the guests shared the same Wifi.

The girl decided to go to the police station and report her friend's boyfriend for stealing erotic files from her mobile.

The agents of the San Blas Judicial Police team proceeded to arrest him last Saturday at his home.

The detainee's girlfriend was the one who told the agents that her partner had more intimate photos of other friends and the Police are already in contact with more possible victims.




investigated whether he has been able to disseminate those photos.

The detainee works in a computer company and is a neighbor of the San Blas district.

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