China News Service, February 24, according to the "Central News Agency" report, on the 23rd local time, Buckingham Palace announced that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II and the 99-year-old Prince Philip is receiving treatment for the infection and is expected to be hospitalized. Several days.

Data map: Prince Philip of England.

  According to reports, on the 16th local time, Prince Philip felt unwell and went to the Edward VII Hospital in London on the advice of a doctor. He has been hospitalized for a week.

  According to reports, at present, Prince Philip feels well and is responding to treatment.

Prince Edward, the youngest son of Prince Philip, said in an interview earlier that Prince Philip felt "much better" and thanked the public for their encouragement.

  Prince Edward also said, "He (Prince Philip) is looking forward to being discharged from the hospital. This is the best... We continue to pray for good luck."

  The source said that Prince Philip felt unwell for several days before he was admitted to the hospital, but he was not infected with the new crown virus.