Many are concerned about the shape of the abdomen, as it is important to their appearance, as well as the associated health risks. Belly fat increases the risk of heart disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, high blood pressure and early death, according to the Mayo Clinic website. (Mayoclinic).

But many people also find no escape from adopting the same old advice about losing weight, then they are surprised that it is very difficult to get rid of fat in areas other than others of the body, so that getting a thin waist has become a problem of the age for both sexes, especially since most traditional solutions Often focus on one aspect, such as maintaining some simple exercises, eating a healthy diet, or making fundamental lifestyle adjustments.

But the secret lies in combining these three solutions, to give you a more leaner and more consistent waist, by strengthening the abdominal muscles and reducing their stubborn visceral fat that is not eliminated by diet alone, and making a noticeable change in your appearance over time, by following these scientifically supported methods.

1. Hola-hop power

This frame, which you probably enjoyed dancing with in childhood, is one of the best abdominal exercises that you can do in a very small space, in your room or in front of the TV, or by playing with your children.

Personal trainer Jane Skaim says, "Hula hooping is a great way to train all your core muscles to tighten your waist. The heavier the hoop, the more calories the hoop will help you burn and lose weight faster."

Also, one study found that women who use a heavy collar lose an average of 3.4 centimeters of their waist circumference in just 6 weeks.

2. More than lower abdominal exercises

To lose your waist faster, you should focus on your deep core muscles, meaning "transverse abdominal muscles, which are located deep in the 6 fold area," according to Skym, because they act as a corset around the middle of your body, and strengthening them will help in tightening and slimming the waist.

Skym also recommends side plank exercises, "they are great for strengthening the muscles in both sides of the waist," in addition to the exercises described in the attached video.

3. Avoid foods that cause bloating

If you want to combat flatulence that shows your stomach protruding, this Peace Steel Nutritionist recommends that you start your day with a cleansing cup of fresh ginger and lemon tea.

Simply mix peeled and grated ginger and lemon juice with boiling water, it will increase metabolism and cleanse the digestive system.

"Increase your protein by eating a lot of fish. Avoid processed carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta, pastries and potato chips that cause bloating and weight gain. Instead, choose slow-dissolving carbohydrates, such as whole grains, colored root vegetables, beans and legumes. They are high in magnesium and micronutrients that aid in digestion. "

4. Chill out

Many external factors that affect your mood and health may contribute to an increase in stubborn fat around your waist, so if you are trying to get rid of it, calm down.

Because stress is your number one enemy, the more stress and tension, the more your body produces cortisol, and the less fat you lose.

And increased levels of this hormone cause insulin to rise and blood sugar to drop, which makes us eat more high-calorie foods, according to the Mayo Clinic as well.

Therefore, reducing stress can help in losing weight, provided you do not sit on the desk or sofa for a long time, because this reduces the activity of the enzyme "lipoprotein lipase", which helps in burning waist fat, in addition to that standing burns twice the calories that sitting. .

5. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

"High-intensity interval training is you do an exercise at your maximum capacity for a short period of time, then take a short period of rest, before you do it again."

It is the ultimate exercise to lose belly fat and get a slim waist, because it helps you get rid of fat tissue and build muscle at the same time. ”According to Dr. Alex Tauberge, who adds that“ HIIT exercises can be a great way to tone your stomach, when not You have a lot of time to practice others. "

A 2018 study showed that high-intensity exercise significantly reduces the total mass of fat, and visceral belly fat, stored around vital organs.

The high-intensity nature of these exercises continues to burn calories, even after the exercise is finished, due to the "post-burn effect" of increasing metabolism.

It is preferred to exercise it before eating, as scientists in New Zealand discovered recently that men and women who participated in 3 exercises for 10 minutes before each meal achieved a decrease in blood sugar levels, which contributed to the breaking down of their fats.

6. Be mentally alert

Slimming your waist is not only related to exercise and a healthy diet, but it is also related to what happens in your head.

It is interesting that a study conducted by Brown University of America, of about 400 people, who were asked to complete a mindfulness survey, including a question of whether they agree with statements such as "I find it difficult to focus on what is happening now."

Then their stomachs were x-rayed to determine their degree of fat, and the results showed that those who practiced mindfulness and meditation had less visceral fat, while people who were less focused and conscious had an extra pound of belly fat, on average.