Amidst the record cold wave and heavy snowfall hitting Texas, the US, local social media are spreading the absurd conspiracy theory that this heavy snowfall is'fake snow' led by the US government.


Click> The third search term is'Texas not melting snow?'.

Various videos have recently been posted on American SNS saying that the snow does not melt.

When I put a lighter on the snow, only the surface turns slightly black, but it doesn't melt.

Another woman says that the snow doesn't melt even though she blows the hot air from her hair dryer.

They are making absurd claims that the heavy snow over Texas is fake snow created by the government.

It is an unfounded claim, but conspiracy theories are spreading on social media as various videos become popular.

However, it is said that it is a very natural phenomenon that snow does not turn into water near hot wind or fire.

This is because of the'sublimation' phenomenon in which the heated solid eye turns into a gas without going through a liquid state.

Netizens responded, saying, “Fake snow across the wide Texas area~ Your creativity is amazing!”, “It's an absurd conspiracy theory, but it would be fun to have fake eye technology.”

(Source: TikTok sarahmojo, Twitter BaileyCarlin)