Tiger Woods, the US'golf emperor', suffered serious injuries to both legs as the vehicle he was driving overturned and received emergency surgery.

The police believe it is not because of drug addiction or drunk driving.

Reporter Kim Kyung-hee will deliver.

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7 am local time on the 23rd, in the suburbs of Los Angeles, USA, the SUV car that Tiger Woods was driving alone was overturned.

The vehicle hit the median and rolled off the road several times and was severely damaged, and Woods underwent emergency surgery after a complex fracture of both legs.

Police dispatched to the scene rescued Woods through the windshield of a vehicle, which at the time said Woods was able to talk.

[Gonzalez/LA County Police Officer: He looked clear and calm.

When I asked for his name, he answered'Tiger', and at this point I immediately found out who he was.] He

also said that the outside of the vehicle was terribly broken, but the inside was relatively intact, and that Woods had saved his life thanks to his seat belt.

As for the cause of the accident, the police said that Woods had not found any signs of using drugs or alcohol, and that it was believed that Woods was speeding at the time of the accident, but that there were no skid marks on the scene.

He added that the accident site was a place where accidents were frequent due to a steep downhill slope.

Woods, known as Golf Emperor, with 15 wins in the PGA Majors alone, was recovering after undergoing fifth back surgery last month.

After that, it was known that he stopped participating in the official competition and was conducting treatment and rehabilitation with the aim of participating in the Masters in April.