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Popular with cooks, the extractor hood is perfect to avoid having too many odors of food in your kitchen during cooking.

It comes in many models.

Zoom on the extractor hood

The extractor hood: what is its role exactly?

The purpose of an extractor hood is to purify the air in your kitchen, by evacuating odors and cooking vapors.

Placed above your cooking plates, it also allows you to light up your preparations.

The built-in extractor hood for small kitchens

There are several categories of extractor hoods.

The built-in hood, for example, is handy if you don't have a lot of space, as it is invisible to the naked eye.

It comes in two models: the retractable extractor hood, hidden under a piece of furniture above your hobs and the filtering unit, integrated under a tall piece of furniture or built into a decorative fireplace.

The more discreet extractor hood

This type of hood, also called a telescopic hood, is placed under a high cabinet, in order to hide the motor.

Like the built-in hood, it offers more discretion in your kitchen, because you can only see its blindfold with the naked eye.

The latter slides forward in the same way as a drawer.

Good to know:

there are other types of hoods: cap, decorative, wall mounted, island… There is something for everyone.

The best cooker hoods around

Falmec Trim: the tailor-made extractor hood

Falmec Trim extractor hood - DR

The Falmec Trim extractor hood is more suitable for small / medium spaces up to 30 m2.

It has 4 suction levels easily accessible using the + and - buttons.

Two more keys are used to turn your device on and turn the lights on or off: again, it's very simple.

In addition, the control panel is housed under the decorative panel so that it does not interfere if you have to change the latter.

His little extra?

It can accommodate any type of decorative panel on the front.

You will need to choose the panel adapted to the dimensions of the hood, and you will be able to customize your hood according to the decoration of your kitchen.

The pros and cons of the Falmec Trim extractor hood:

Most :

  • 4 suction levels

  • Customizable

  • Ease of use

The least: 

  • Quite noisy

Get the Falmec Trim model

Elica Nikolatesla Fit: the all-in-one extractor hood

Extractor hood Elica Nikolatesla Fit - DR

Here is an extractor hood that has everything planned, since it is sold directly with its hobs at 9 power levels.

It also has the advantage of having a longer than average length, to be able to accommodate these two features.

As you will have understood, the Elica Nikolatesla Fit is more suitable for large kitchens with a large workspace.

However, if this is not your case, know that when your hood is not in use, it can be tilted thanks to a valve, or even completely removed.

Its little extras: it is quite silent, has an intensive mode (the booster mode allows you to raise the temperature very quickly) for larger preparations and can operate for a limited period.

The pros and cons of the Elica Nikolatesla Fit extractor hood:   

Most : 

  • Combined suction and cooking

  • Quite silent

  • Removable hood

  • Boost mode

The lessers : 

  • Only effective on a small area (15 m2)

  • Quite bulky

Get the Nikolatesla Fit model

Whirlpool WHVF93FLTK: the very intuitive extractor hood

Whirlpool extractor hood WHVF93FLTK - DR

With its 90 cm wide format, this Whirlpool model generally covers all standard hobs.

Its suction capacity is also boosted, because it sucks both from the bottom of the hood and from the sides, which is not often the case.

Very easy to use, the Whirlpool WHVF93FLTK has pictograms to indicate the powers.

It thus trades the numbers for symbols corresponding to the different settings (simmering, boiling, frying, etc.).

The little extra?

The saturated filter indicator, but also the fact that these filters are dishwasher safe.

The pros and cons of the Whirlpool WHVF93FLTK extractor hood:

Most :

  • Format suitable for most cooking hobs

  • Enhanced suction capacities

  • Easy to use

The lessers : 

  • A little time to fully understand the symbols

Get the model WHVF93FLTK

Falmec Virgola No-Drop: the best extractor hood against condensation

Falmec Virgola No-Drop extractor hood - DR

This model brings a flagship innovation: it benefits from a very efficient system against condensation, often generated by extractor hoods.

The hot air, given off by the cooking ingredients, meets the cold walls of the hood, creating condensation of the humidity and, as a result, drops of water fall from the plate.

No more problem with the Falmec Virgola No-Drop.

In addition, it houses 4 suction levels and is available in three different lengths.

It is also suitable for kitchens of up to 27 m2.

The pros and cons of the Falmec Virgola No-Drop extractor hood:

Most :

  • Anti condensation system

  • 4 suction levels

  • Suitable for medium-sized kitchens

The lessers :

  • The noise

Get the Virgola No-Drop model

Whirlpool WVH92K: the high-tech extractor hood

Whirlpool WVH92K - DR extractor hood

Like its counterpart Elica Nikolatesla Fit, the Whirlpool WVH92K houses induction hobs.

These are equipped with four inductors with a touch screen, for a power of 7,500 W. You can select your suction power using sensitive keys with optional boost mode.

The little extra of this model?

The size of its induction hobs, which can accommodate very large dishes.

The pros and cons of the Whirlpool WVH92K extractor hood:

Most :

  • Combined hood and hob

  • Good power

  • Boost mode included

The lessers :

  • A little complex control panel

  • The noise

Get the model WVH92K

Rosières RVSD 9800 PN: the designer extractor hood

Rosières RVSD 9800 PN - DR extractor hood

This model is particularly aimed at decoration enthusiasts, with a contemporary or futuristic kitchen.

With its modern geometric lines, its dark gray color and its glass coating, it will appeal to aesthetes.

Its backlit buttons are practical for use as well as the remote control supplied with the device.

You will have the choice between three different powers.

Note that this equipment is suitable for kitchens up to approximately 25 m2.

His little extra?

It is equipped with a timer allowing you to program your aspiration over a predetermined time.

The pros and cons of the Rosières RVSD 9800 PN extractor hood:

Most :

  • Elegant appearance and design

  • Backlit keys

  • Timer to pre-program suction

The lessers : 

  • Quite noisy

  • No boost mode

Get the RVSD 9800 PN model

Samsung NK36M5060SS / UR: the large format extractor hood

Samsung NK36M5060SS-UR cooker hood - DR

Indeed, this 90 cm wide model is intended for large kitchens, while keeping a good quality / price ratio.

Its sensitive keys are very practical and it has indicators that warn you of filter wear.

In addition to its three power levels, the Samsung NK36M5060SS / UR has a boost mode to intensify the suction power.

The pros and cons of the Samsung NK36M5060SS / UR cooker hood:

Most :

  • Good value for money

  • Filter wear indicators

  • Boost mode

The lessers :

  • The noise

  • No automatic mode to adapt the suction power according to the cooking

Get the model NK36M5060SS / UR

Klarstein Annabelle 60: the best extractor hood, easy to use

Klarstein Annabelle 60 cooker hood - DR

Appreciable for its modern and refined design, this model is undoubtedly intended for decoration lovers, in particular for its particular shape, similar to a television.

Its high performance flow can be adjusted on 3 levels, and it is also equipped with LED lighting to better visualize the touch keys.

Its advantage?

The filters are dishwasher safe.

The pros and cons of the Klarstein Annabelle 60 extractor hood:

Most : 

  • Very elegant and original model

  • LED lighting

  • Tactile keys

  • Filters suitable for the dishwasher

The lessers :

  • The noise

Get the Annabelle 60 model

Klarstein Limelight: the best extractor hood for small budgets

Klarstein Limelight extractor hood - DR

The Klarstein Limelight indeed adapts to smaller wallets while keeping an elegant design.

Its output remains correct with three power levels and it has 2 LEDs to better illuminate your preparations.

You will appreciate its pretty blue backlighting, giving it a designer look.

In addition, it has removable and dishwasher-safe grease filters.

Besides its economical budget, it is also energy efficient (class A).

At moderate power, its volume is of good quality.

The pros and cons of the Klarstein Limelight extractor hood: 

The most


  • The price

  • Design

  • Removable filters

  • Energy efficient

The lessers : 

  • Loud at maximum power

Get the Limelight model

Whirlpool AVM 970 IX: the best extractor hood - microwave oven

Whirlpool extractor hood AVM 970 IX - DR

This is a rather special extractor hood, since it is a hybrid equipment, acting as both a hood and a microwave oven.

A plus if you have a small space and want to optimize your kitchen.

It is a built-in microwave oven, therefore an additional saving of space.

The swivel handle is very ergonomic.

In terms of power, you will have access to a 750 W oven allowing you to make a wide variety of preparations.

The hood, for its part, varies on three suction powers.

The pros and cons of the Whirlpool AVM 970 IX extractor hood:

Most : 

  • Ideal for small spaces

  • Integrated microwave oven

  • Three different power levels

The lessers : 

  • Control panel a bit high

  • Sound volume

Get the AVM 970 IX model

You now have all the keys to buy the best cooker hood.

Remember to carefully assess the dimensions of your kitchen before making your purchase.

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