The number of positive tests among residents and employees of nursing homes has decreased sharply since the start of the vaccination campaign, according to figures from the national corona dashboard.

On January 19, a day after the first residents were given their doses, infections had been detected in nearly 800 locations.

Five weeks later, it still concerns 464 locations.

The number of infections reported per day is also declining sharply.

In the week of January 19, an average of 205 positive tests were administered daily among residents.

In the past week, around 89 infections were reported to the RIVM every day.

The number of reports of corona-related deaths also fell sharply.

By mid-January, an average of about 40 corona-related deaths were reported daily.

In the past week, it was an average of 16 nursing home residents who died from COVID-19 per day.

Residents and employees of nursing homes are given the Pfizer vaccine.

In total, each person should receive two doses.

The second dose should follow three to six weeks after the first injection.

A significant part of the target group has therefore already been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Other figures from the RIVM show that vaccination is the cause of the improvement in the situation in nursing homes.

Thus, the number of new infections among the rest of the population remained unabated.

The health institute indicates the corona figures for the past week on Tuesday afternoon.

The increasing infection rates and the high reproduction number are reasons for concern for the government.

Despite this, a relaxation of some corona measures is likely to be announced on Tuesday evening.

Partly due to the presence of worrisome coronavirus variants, however, the room for relaxation is limited.