Berlin (dpa) - It's still tiny: The one week old Berlin gorilla baby is developing well, according to the zoo.

"The young animal uses its mother's milk three to four times an hour, and every now and then the zookeepers only hear a satisfied smack," reported the zoo on Tuesday.

Otherwise, the still nameless monkey - Berlin's first gorilla offspring is 16 years old - “full and satisfied” sleeps a large part of the day.

Mother Bibi (24) takes an exemplary diet.

So there is fennel, peppers, aubergines, beetroot and parsnips, lettuce and every now and then a boiled egg.

The father, Silverback Sango (16), always looks for closeness to both of them and gently pats his offspring.

Little gorillas can hold onto their mother's fur right from the start - the close bond between the two can be seen on a video of the zoo.

The monkeys are carried everywhere.

Because so far neither nurses nor doctors have approached the offspring, nobody knows how heavy the boy is and what gender it is.


When visitors can see the little gorilla is still unclear, it will probably take a few more weeks.

According to the zoo, this also depends on the weather and the behavior of the gorilla group.

The site is open, but the animal houses are still closed due to Corona.

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