Illustrative image of Niagara Falls.



The United States is currently experiencing a historic cold spell.

And despite the many dangers and inconveniences they cause, the freezing temperatures also offer magnificent sights here and there.

Thus, for several days, part of Niagara Falls, on the border between the United States and Canada, has been frozen.

This Sunday, many tourists were able to attend this sublime scene of waterfalls frozen by the cold.

A rainbow even came to top it off with a ray of sunshine, reports 



❄ The very beautiful images of Niagara Falls partly frozen

- BFMTV (@BFMTV) February 22, 2021

Falls, rarely fully frozen

This phenomenon can only occur if temperatures drop below -5 ° C for several days.

Only a part of the falls, divided into three parts (the American Falls, the Horseshoe and the Bride's Veil), found itself frozen, the rest continuing to flow at the height of 5,720 cubic meters of water per second, specifies 

Le Monde


Niagara Falls has only fully frozen once in its history.

On March 29, 1848, thanks to a particularly virulent cold spell, all the waterfalls of the tourist site came to a standstill, an ice dam having blocked the flow of water upstream.


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