Jare Tiihonen, who has had a successful career as a check, has put up his lavish penthouse for sale.

It was confirmed to IS that this was Tiihonen's apartment.

According to the sale announcement, EUR 1,620,000 is requested for an apartment in Etu-Töölö, Helsinki.

The size of the apartment is 144 square meters.

Based on photos shared by the real estate company, the spacious and bright penthouse has an almost newly renovated look, with both a glazed balcony and a modern kitchen.

You can browse the pictures of the apartment by pressing the arrow on the side of the picture.

According to the sale announcement, the apartment has views over the rooftops of Töölö.

The kitchen is said to have an Italian design, and the whole is crowned by a large bedroom and luxurious sauna facilities.

Tiihonen bought the apartment already in 2014. According to IS data, he paid EUR 1.3 million for the apartment in due course.

Töölö is a dear place for Tiihonen, because before Etu-Töölö he lived in Taka-Töölö.

This is how the house where the apartment sold by Tiihonen is located looks from the outside. Photo: Tuukka Ervasti

Tiihonen's former home street is one of the quietest in Etu-Töölö. Photo: Tuukka Ervasti

Now Tiihonen has completely changed the landscape, because according to Seiska's information, already in 2019 Tiihonen acquired a beach plot of more than 2,500 square meters from Westend in Espoo.

According to Helsinki news, Tiihonen's building intentions quickly caused a stir in the neighbors, according to which the three detached houses to be built on the plot would be too high in relation to the terrain.

However, the Espoo Construction Board decided that the construction of the houses could continue according to plan.


Real estate transactions have attracted attention in the past, as according to Seiska's information, Tiihonen bought an entire apartment building in his hometown of Lahti in 2018. The price for the purchase was about one million euros.

Tiihonen has told about his real estate transactions, for example, in Hjallis Harkimo's discussion program in 2016. In the program, Tiihonen explained in concrete terms where he is investing his extra money.

- I was thinking about putting money aside by buying two apartments in the center of Helsinki and also bought my mother's own apartment in Lahti, Tiihonen described in 2016.

Tiihonen handed over the plush property as a Check.

He ended his career as a Cheek at farewell concerts in August 2018.

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