Finnish star skier Iivo Niska is considered by many to be one of the world's best masters of traditional skiing.

Niskanen, 29, has won, among other things, two Olympic golds and one world championship in the traditional style.

Last week, it turned out that one of those admiring Niskanen’s traditional style is Norwegian ski queen Therese Johaug.

Johaug, 32, told the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet that he is working to improve his own technical skills by watching videos of Niskane.

Another of the skiers under special supervision by Johaug and his coach brother Karstein Johaug is Johannes Hösflot Kläbo from Norway.

- Niskanen and Johannes are role models in their skiing skills.

I have a lot to learn from how they solve different situations in terms of skiing technique and tactics, Therese Johaug told Dagbladet.

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Niskanen responded to Johaug's praise in an interview with Dagbladet published on Tuesday.

He said he had been taken from Johaug's words and then issued an invitation to his Norwegian colleague.

- Pål Gunnar Mikkelsplass (Norwegian national team coach) is a great coach, but Therese is welcome to Finland to participate in my ski school.

I'll be happy to give him tips, Niskanen threw.

After that, Niskanen specified - in a self-ironic way - what would be promised at the ski school.

- This winter I can, inter alia, give you tips on how to make such a bad performance of the traditional World Cup than what I have done for this season, Niskanen continued sarcastically referring to so far in a difficult farewell.

Iivo Niskanen's (center) traditional style skills are world-class. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / AFP / Lehtikuva

The Oberstdorf World Championships begin on Wednesday with a women’s hill jump qualifier.

Cross-country skiers will be on fire for the first time on Thursday, when sprints will be competed.

Niskanen has announced that he will not compete in sprints, but will start his race contract in Saturday's cross-country skiing.

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