Bird or fish?

To be or not to be?

The questions became topical last weekend in Inkoo, when a bird enthusiast who caught rapids with his friend waded over sea trout eggs.

Eggs like paper lanterns for the autumn festival. Photo: Pekka Mäkynen

Sea trout are the eye of the patrons of the Ingarskilanjoki River.

The rhyming was recorded on a game camera they had installed to follow life at the best spawning ground in the river.

The consequences were far-reaching.

The winter riverbed is a settlement area for trout spawning grounds.

The gravel is protected by eggs like at home. Photo: Henrik Kettunen

- This was instructive for everyone, says Henrik Kettunen, Executive Director of Vaelluskala ry.

The parties are introduced first, only then the final solution of the educational story.

Ingaskilanjoki is a picturesque river flowing into the Gulf of Finland in western Uusimaa in Inkoo.

The most famous inhabitants of the riverside were Mauno and Tellervo Koivisto, who enjoyed their small Tähtelä cottage all year round.

The rapids, Cinclus cinclus, is a small sparrow bird that lives in the far north and winters along the streams of southern Finland.

The rapids of its diet dive, which makes it a strange bird among sparrow birds.

Bird or fish?

To be or not to be?

The two worlds met over the weekend.Photo: Game camera

The sea trout, Salmo trutta, is a salmonid precious fish that rises from the Gulf of Finland in late autumn to spawn on the Ingarskilanjoki.

Eggs overwinter at the bottom of the river in a shelter inside the gravel.

The ringer, Homo sapiens, is a bird enthusiast who assists the Ringing Office of the Central Museum of Natural History by ringing birds such as rapids.

An attempt is made to make the rapids fly over the current into the tuned network.

It can happen by running it on a network.

There are few free-flowing trout rivers.

Ingarskilanjoki is one of the best known, as there was a high-profile controversy over its dredging in the 1980s.

The Ingraskilajoki trout group monitors the life cycle of trout. Photo: Henrik Kettunen

Trout enthusiasts have since rehabilitated the river with helpers.

- More than a hundred tons, estimates Jason Holmström as the amount of gravel that has been shoveled and dumped into the river when attractive and safe spawning grounds have been restored for trout.

Holmström is a fishing supervisor and a “river talker”.

Last fall, trout rewarded the work done princely.

Many spawning nests were born, there were more spawning trout than in the male memory.

- Now it is expected that the boy areas will be filled, Kettunen says.

The chicks hatch from the eggs in May.

Potra chick when spring comes to trout brook.Photo: Henrik Kettunen

A gray heron, an otter, a fox, a deer and a rapids for the first time on Monday have been recorded in the game camera of the spawning ground.

That was a bad sign.

- I guess I'm eating eggs, Holmström suspects.

When boiled in gravel, the eggs flatten or reveal their hiding places.

So did the rapids spinner, booted indiscriminately.

- He waded a distance of 50 meters just over the best gravel roads.

There were at least six spawning grounds there, more, Kettunen says.

Trout eggs are brittle beauties. Photo: Pekka Mäkynen

- Thoughtlessness, Kettunen says.

Kettunen contacted the Tire Office to quell recklessness in the future.

Especially since it was hardly confined to the Ingarskilanjoki.

The Tire Bureau reacted at lightning speed and gave the shepherds instructions on Monday:

“In order to ring the rapids at the bottom of the creek, one should not walk, but driving the birds towards the net should be done along the shores.

The net must be set up in such a way that the net can be set up and the birds removed without trampling the gravel. ”

The rapids' thoughts were on the surface of the water. Photo: Game camera

Since valuable trout streams are not individually marked with signs, one can be anywhere, the Tire Bureau reminded.

Kettunen raises something that few people think of.

- In any case, you shouldn't wade in streams and rapids for no particular reason, there are all kinds of animals at the bottom, even raw ones.

It’s not nice for anyone to walk over.

- There are similar problems on the fishing side, Kettunen admits.

And those answers to the initial questions Bird or fish and To be or not to be were therefore both that and not to be, get out of there!

- Many trout resuscitators are happy to go as helpers to monitor rapids, Kettunen believes.

Now that a common tune has been found.

It's about his family.

Sea trout rise to astonishingly shallow waters to spawn. Photo: Henrik Kettunen