Roger Fredriksson, the Moderates' chairman in Blekinge, is clear that he believes that party colleague Emma Stjerlöf should resign after the no-confidence motion against her.

- She has signed a candidate declaration, where one of the points is that if the group does not have confidence in the individual as a member, you should resign your assignments, he says.

But the regional council has no plans to resign.

- I have been elected by the regional council to the regional council and chairman of the health and medical care committee, and I can not be forced away from that.

The candidate declaration I wrote on has no legal effect, she says.

- She is absolutely right about that. However, it is morally binding.

So if you do not want to damage the party, you follow the candidate's declaration, says Roger Fredriksson.

Have the law on their side

On what grounds elected local or regional politicians can be deposed is governed by the Local Government Act, explains Helene Håkansson, head of the Chancellery at Region Blekinge.

- Formally, it is the member himself who must resign his assignment.

Otherwise, it must be a matter of crime or that the politician should not be granted discharge.

There is no other formal possibility, she says.

SVT Nyheter Blekinge is looking for Roger Fredriksson for a comment.