• EU, letter of reminder to six countries for border blocking


February 23, 2021 - Sweden prepares for stronger restrictive measures, due to the resurgence of Covid and its British variant.

The tightening will be presented tomorrow by the government, but already today in Stockholm the obligation to wear a mask in public transport has started.

Chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, who has always favored the soft line on the bans front, admitted at a press conference that the British variant is spreading across the country very quickly.

And it will likely become dominant within a month.

"We have a package of national measures in preparation which will be presented tomorrow," he announced, according to the Guardian, reporting that the government could introduce blockade measures never adopted before.

New measures have already taken in the Stockholm region (where infections have increased by 27% in the last week).

These include the recommendation to use masks in public transport not only during rush hours and also where distancing is not possible, for example in the workplace, in hairdressing salons, in pharmacies or in the supermarket.

Lower and upper secondary schools are also recommended to switch to full-time distance learning the week after the holiday break, which will begin in the next few days.