Known as the world star of billiards in the 1990s and 2000s, Jeanette Lee suffers from ovarian cancer, the Washington Post says.

49-year-old Lee's cancer has insidiously reached the fourth stage.

The diagnosis could not be made in time because Lee has had scoliosis, or back obstruction, since childhood.

The pain caused by the disease overshadowed the spread of the cancer around the body.

“He’s in great pain all the time, so he didn’t notice anything miraculous,” commented Bill George’s longtime agent, Tom George.

Lee himself was not discouraged by the diagnosis he received.

- I will bring the same determination to this fight as to the pool table, he promised.

During her career, American Lee was nicknamed “Black Widow,” or Black Widow.

His gaze was steel at the time of the race and it looked as if he was ready to eat his opponent alive.

The essence was crowned by Lee's knockout appearance.

In 2002, ESPN ranked her among the sexiest athletes in the world.

Above all, Lee was convinced.

She held number one on the women’s world list in the 1990s and won more than 30 titles, including World Cup gold in Japan in 2001.