In public transport, the previous recommendation has been to have mouth guards during rush hour traffic.

Now it is mouth guards in public transport around the clock that apply and also in certain indoor environments, grocery stores, shops and workplaces.

Maria Rotzén Östlund, infection control doctor in the Stockholm Region, also pointed out guidelines on Tuesday for what those who travel during the sports holiday should do.

"Must endure"

But Stockholm's health and medical care regional councilor Anna Starbrink (L) appeals to everyone to think carefully and preferably stay at home during the sports holiday.

- There is no travel ban, but I myself would not travel to Sälen or other parts of the mountains now.

- No matter how sad it is, we must try to persevere and refrain from all situations where we create a risk of becoming infected or infecting others.

Is it irresponsible to leave?

- People have to think for themselves, I do not mean sweeping judgment.

It is not dangerous to ski, but if we are crowded with others, we risk getting sick and spreading the infection.

Would it be good to have a travel ban?

- I think it would be good if there were clearer directives at national level, but it is not something that we in the region decide on.

I can only appeal to people to think very carefully before exposing themselves to risks.

Mouthguard at work

When it comes to the new oral protection directives, are restaurants, cafes and bars places where oral protection is appropriate?

- It is good with mouth guards in all places where you are crowded with others.

But it is difficult to eat with a mouth guard, so when you sit with your company, perhaps your family, it makes sense not to have a mouth guard.

What are there, for example, in situations where mouth guards are to be used at work?

- In all workplaces where you meet several people and it is not possible to keep your distance, you should have a mouth guard.

How to think if you go to the hairdresser or are shopping for food?

- In all situations where you risk getting close to people, where you risk spreading infection or becoming infected, it is wise to do everything to protect yourself and put on a face mask, I usually have it myself in the grocery store.