"The Butcher of Giza" reveals the method of burying the bodies of his victims: "by throwing them standing in the pit"

The butcher of Giza during his trial.

In a 36-minute and 44-second video, the Giza Criminal Court Authority in Egypt reviewed, in its session held on Monday inside October Central Prison, Gaddafi's representation of Farag Abdel-Aty, known as the Giza butcher, for his three crimes.

According to the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan, the video clip included the accused's detailed confession of the facts attributed to him, and guided the places where the burial process took place for the bodies of his victims after their killing in various ways, and the exhumation of the remains was followed by an order from the Public Prosecution office to find out the identity of their owners.

“I was throwing the corpse standing tall on its head in the pit.” With these words, the Giza killer revealed his burial method for the bodies of his victims who had breathed their last breaths on his hands, as the accused spoke in detail about each crime independently: “In the first I killed Rida my friend and put him in a travel bag and took him to my apartment To bury him in the hole I prepared, and as soon as I opened the body bag, the corpse went down and stood in the hole without touching it and buried it with dirt, concrete, cement and ceramics. "

The same method was used by the accused while trying to get rid of the body of his wife, Fatima Zakaria, where he brought a large refrigerator and kept the body inside it before moving it to an apartment belonging to him and burying it in a longitudinal position, as happened with a friend.

The matter was repeated again for the third victim, Nadine, but this time he sought help from "Deep Fraser" to transport the victim through the daily workers without clarifying his matter: "I was opening the bag or the refrigerator, the freezer and the corpse expecting it alone while it was upside down in the face of the place I dug." That all the graves he dug were at a depth of one meter and 80 cm, and the width ranged from one to one and a half meters.

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