"Kunlun Eagle" must come when there is a call

  Just after the Spring Festival, the taste of the new year has not gone away, and an airport in northwest Hubei is already busy, and several Il-76 transport planes are waiting.

"Take off!" Following the commander's order, the "Kunlun Eagle Group" pilots whizzed into the air and flew to the scheduled airspace for actual combat training.

  The unit where the brigade is located is the earliest transport aviation unit in the ranks of the People's Air Force, and it has made outstanding contributions to the liberation, protection and construction of the beautiful snow-covered plateau.

On September 29, 1964, the Air Force awarded the honorary title of "Kunlun Eagle Brigade" to the three major flying teams of the Ministry.

  History is moving forward and the vicissitudes of life change, only the spirit will continue to pass on and never fade.

The "Kunlun Eagle" spirit of "loyalty to mission, daring to fly and forge ahead, strict and rigorous" formed over 70 years of fighting has been deeply rooted in the soul and blood of generations of officers and soldiers, inspiring them to overcome difficulties and move forward.

  The people need to go all out

  The "Kunlun Eagle Brigade" is one of the earliest transport aviation units in the ranks of the People's Air Force.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the older generation of pilots stationed on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau seven times and took thousands of round-trip routes to and from the plateau. Under the harsh conditions of complex terrain, volatile climate, poor equipment, incomplete data, and strong altitude sickness, they used their perseverance. The tenacious will and the daring fighting style conquered the Kunlun Mountains and broke through the air forbidden area, and successively opened up 25 plateau routes, making outstanding contributions to the liberation, protection and construction of beautiful snow-covered plateaus.

On September 29, 1964, the Air Force awarded the honorary title of "Kunlun Eagle Brigade" to the three major flying teams of the Ministry.

  Recalling the history of the ministry, from the opening of the Kang-Tibet route to the high-altitude airdrop of the "Shenzhou" series of spacecraft return capsules; from the 98th anti-flood emergency airlift to the Wenchuan earthquake relief starry night; from the emergency flight to war-torn countries to pick up compatriots in the South Indian Ocean to search for Malaysia Airlines Missing airliner; from successfully organizing ultra-low-altitude penetration training to reloading and throwing on the plateau...one by one shocking stories, telling the glorious course of this heroic force that has inherited blood, gradually strengthened, and fulfilled its mission.

  In early 2020, the new crown epidemic broke out.

As an important force of the national air emergency transportation service team, this ministry is required by the people and will go all out. The mission must be fulfilled.

  On New Year’s Eve last year, three large transport planes of the Ministry arrived in Shanghai, Chongqing, and Xi’an on time, sending 450 military medical personnel and supplies to Wuhan, which opened the prelude to the Air Force’s support for the emergency air transport in the fight against the epidemic.

From January 24th to February 17th, they were ordered to expedition four times and sent a total of 15 Il-76s from Shenyang, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Urumqi, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and other 8 directions at the fastest speed. With the largest carrying capacity and optimal service, more than 1,000 military medical personnel and more than 100 tons of medical supplies were urgently transported to the front line of Wuhan's fight against the epidemic. The crisscrossing 50,000-kilometer flight track successfully set up the air to the front line of the war corridor.

  Beginning in April last year, the ministry has carried out 6 missions of transporting medical supplies abroad, arrived at more than 30 foreign airports, and transported urgently needed epidemic prevention supplies to Afghanistan, Nepal, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and other countries on the African continent. The routes spread across the African continent. Contributed to the global fight against the epidemic.

  Go out for the country to fulfill the mission

  In the Ministry, there is such a non-commissioned officer, whether it is air communications or emergency troubleshooting, whether it is Nepal's earthquake-resistant express friendship, or struggling to win the championship on the international stage, he is always able to win the battle on the front line.

He is the air correspondent Chen Qingyi.

  In 2018, Chen Qingyi was once again selected as the only non-commissioned officer in the "Aviation Darts-2018" International Military Competition Transport Crew List.

Before the game, when powering up the fighters on the ground, Chen Qingyi was keenly aware of the unstable operation of the power car. He was worried that the equipment would suddenly be powered off when it was started, so he anticipated the solution in advance.

  On the day of the competition, a certain type of equipment could not be powered on when the aircraft started. When the crew was worried that the aircraft could not take off on time and would affect the results of the competition, Chen Qingyi quickly dealt with it according to the pre-planned plan to ensure the smooth entry of the aircraft.

The crew also lived up to expectations, winning first place in both physical fitness and flight.

  During the award ceremony, Chen Qingyi stood on the podium with the crew members.

Lieutenant General Eugene, commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, hung heavy gold medals on the chests of these young officers and soldiers.

To fulfill the mission of the country, Chen Qingyi and his comrades worked hard to make the majestic national anthem ring through the foreign airports and let the glory of the Chinese Air Force shine on the international stage.

  Ordinary post, good pursuit.

Chen Qingyi is shining because of his glorious tradition of Kunlun Eagle Troops. This troop also has many "soldier kings" that have repeatedly assumed important tasks.

On the new journey of reforming and strengthening the army, they will use solid and powerful steps to fly on the extended line of glorious history.

  Beijing News reporter Tao Ran correspondent Liu Chuan Long Deyong photographed report