Chinanews client, Beijing, February 22 (Peng Ningling) Do you remember the buzzing news of "withdrawing from the parent group"?

In recent years, "correcting homework" has become a pain for more and more parents.

In order to reduce the burden on parents, regulations have been issued in many places, expressly requiring teachers to personally mark the homework.

But when teachers still need to "lighten their burdens", is it feasible for teachers to change their homework in full?

In children's learning, how should each role be positioned between home and school?

Data map: Students in Songya Lake No. 2 Primary School in Changsha County, Hunan Province are in class.

Photo by Tang Xiaoqing

"Isn't this the teacher's duty?"

Shandong plans to require teachers to approve all written assignments

  "I am a parent of a student, and all kinds of homework for my child must be corrected and signed by the parent. It is even more tiring for the parent to change the homework than for the child to write the homework." In recent years, similar parental voices have often resonated with many parents.

  Recently, the Department of Education of Shandong Province drafted the "Fifteen Regulations on the Standardization of School Running in Shandong Province" to solicit opinions from the general public. Among them, it was proposed that teachers should revise all written assignments and not assign homework to parents or require parents to review homework. .

  As soon as the news came out, netizens discussed enthusiastically.

The parents immediately expressed their support: "It is necessary to reduce the burden on parents!"

  "When I was a child in school, the teacher is both a teacher and a farmer, and he can make corrections. Why can't I be a full-time teacher now?"

  "Parents have limited knowledge, how to correct homework for children?"

  As early as June 2019, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Education and Teaching and Comprehensively Improving the Quality of Compulsory Education", which requires that students' homework should not be turned into parent's homework or that parents should check and correct homework.

Teachers should seriously correct homework, strengthen face-to-face explanations, and provide timely feedback.

  From a local perspective, regarding the issue of correcting student homework, many places have already taken actions to "stop" and require parents to correct student homework before Shandong formulated new regulations.

  "Students' self-evaluation or mutual evaluation shall not be used in place of teachers to correct written homework. It is strictly forbidden to force parents to correct their homework or correct their children's homework errors." On January 1 this year, the Education and Sports Bureau of Kaifeng City, Henan Province issued the "About Further Regulations" This is required in the Notice of Primary School Homework.

Data map: Middle school students read books on the road.

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Cancel the job promotion, appraise the best!

Teachers who don’t personally correct assignments on time will be held accountable

  "The Ministry of Education’s attitude is consistent and resolute to prevent students’ homework from becoming parent’s homework." At the Ministry of Education’s press conference on December 10 last year, Yu Weiyue, deputy director of the Department of Basic Education, said that the Ministry of Education will Strengthen day-to-day supervision, and punish all violations of relevant regulations, especially those expressly prohibited acts such as arranging punitive homework, requiring parents to complete or correcting homework, and so on.

  Observation shows that many places including Liaoning, Henan, Zhejiang, etc. have imposed accountability measures for teachers and even schools that violate the rules in order to require parents to complete or correct homework.

  In November last year, Jiaozuo, Henan issued a notice requesting that homework management be included in the school’s performance appraisal, and the school should formulate relevant management systems.

Teachers who do not personally correct their assignments on time will be canceled for promotion and the qualifications for the first evaluation.

  In December last year, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education issued the "Notice of the Hangzhou Municipal Education Bureau on Strengthening the Negative List of Teacher Ethics and Credit Management Mechanisms in Primary and Secondary Schools (Kindergartens)". The notice clearly stated that teachers did not prepare lessons according to teaching plans and teaching standards. Classes, homework corrections, perfunctory teaching, violations of regulations and aggravating the burden of schoolwork on students, and letting parents review and correct homework on their behalf, are all classified as "educational dereliction of duty".

  In addition, in some areas, not only teachers themselves will be punished for violations of homework management regulations, but the principals and schools involved will also be affected.

  For example, the "Ten Requirements" Regulations for the Management of Student Work in Compulsory Education issued by the Department of Education of Liaoning Province require that teachers who do not personally review their assignments on time will be cancelled for their job promotion and qualifications, and the school principal will cancel the evaluation qualifications.

  The "Notice on Promulgating the "Ten Not" of School-running Behaviors in Hefei Primary and Secondary Schools" issued by Hefei, Anhui clearly included "no parents to be required to correct homework", and the specified punishment measures include: responsible teachers, class teachers, etc. to be cancelled Appraisal, promotion qualifications, etc. within 2 years, interviews, admonishment talks, notifications and criticisms to the principals and school leaders involved, the school will also be disqualified from appraisal qualifications within 2 years.

Data map: On September 1, Zhengzhou, Henan, students from Changjiang East Road Primary School wearing masks entered the campus in an orderly manner.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Zhongju

How do parents and teachers position their respective roles?

Expert: Parents and teachers should work together to cultivate talents

  It’s worth noting that, in order to prevent parents from marking homework, the voice of teachers in the comment area cannot be ignored: "The frontline teachers are too difficult! Can you guarantee 8 hours of sleep for teachers?"

  "It requires good grades, less homework, and all assignments are revised. Do the teachers prepare for lessons? Do you need to rest?"

  Some teachers also made suggestions:

  "The status quo: a teacher takes four classes, each with about 60 students. The teacher is really struggling to approve the homework. Some very small homework can actually be checked in advance by the parents, otherwise the teacher really can't approve it. "

  "It's okay to correct homework, but at the same time, I suggest teachers write lesson plans, shorten meetings, and reduce non-teaching arrangements..."

  From the comments of netizens, we can see that some trivial administrative tasks are exhausting the teachers. It is not only the voice of parents, but also the expectations of teachers.

  In December 2019, the State Affairs Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China issued the “Opinions on Reducing the Burden of Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Further Creating a Good Environment for Education and Teaching”. It once proposed to reduce the burden on primary and secondary school teachers, and required to clean up and streamline existing supervision, inspection, evaluation, and assessment items. Resolutely put an end to compulsory apportionment of irrelevant affairs, standardize and streamline the filling of relevant reports, etc.

  Since then, many places have put forward demands for teachers to reduce their burdens.

For example, Liaoning proposed to effectively reduce the burden on teachers and strictly control all kinds of social affairs "entering the campus."

Teachers shall not be arranged to carry out special work in places unrelated to education and teaching, and teachers shall not be required to repeatedly fill in similar forms and data, etc., so as to ensure the time for teachers to correct homework.

  Under the background that teachers still need to reduce their burdens, is it feasible to require teachers to approve all homework assignments?

In terms of children's homework, what are the responsibilities of home and school?

  “It’s the teacher’s job to correct homework. There’s no doubt that it’s right not to assign homework to parents.” said Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences. Teachers’ reviewing homework also involves teachers’ workload and the effect of education. Using only a paper document from the administrative department and using a "one size fits all" approach cannot resolve operational conflicts.

  Chu Zhaohui said that parents and teachers have the same expectations when it comes to educating people and talents. They must consider how to review homework so that students can learn better, instead of reviewing every assignment and every question.

  "Not assigning homework to parents does not mean that parents have no responsibility for education when they hand their children to the school." Yu Weiyue also emphasized that parents should also guide their children at home to develop good habits of completing their homework independently, and keep close with the school. Cooperate to form a joint force for educating people.