, February 23. According to a report by, on the 22nd, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected former President Trump’s motion to keep his tax forms confidential, thereby obtaining Trump’s 8-year tax form for New York prosecutors And other financial records cleared the way.

At present, New York prosecutors are investigating a series of potential criminal activities by the Trump Organization, including financial, insurance and bank fraud.

  However, these documents will be restricted by the grand jury's confidentiality rules and will not be released publicly in the short term.

Data map: Former US President Trump.

  This is the second time that the Supreme Court has ruled on Trump's tax table case.

They issued a landmark ruling in July 2020, dismissing Trump's claim that the incumbent president is immune from criminal investigation.

  The latest ruling on the 22nd was announced by an order, and no justices objected.

  In a statement posted on the social networking site Twitter on the 22nd, the prosecutor for the Manhattan District of New York and Democrat Vance wrote: "The work is still going on." Vance spokesman Danny Frost said, The prosecution will not comment further, but will act quickly to execute a subpoena against Mazars USA, an accounting firm hired by Trump.

  Trump said in a statement that Vance's investigation is "the continuation of the largest political persecution in American history."

  He added: “The Supreme Court should not have allowed this kind of'phishing law enforcement' to happen, but they did. No president has ever experienced such a thing. All this is driven by the Democratic Party, in New York City, which is completely controlled by the Democratic Party. And New York State, completely controlled and dominated by my open political enemy-Governor Cuomo."

  Marsals said in a statement that the company is "committed to fulfilling all professional and legal obligations."

  The New York Times previously reported that Vance’s office hired former federal prosecutor Mark Pomerantz to participate in the investigation of Trump’s tax form case.

Pomorandz has extensive experience in handling white-collar fraud cases.