The reporter learned from China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd. that in order to facilitate the travel of return migrant workers and student passengers, and improve transportation capacity and efficiency, starting from February 22nd, the directions to Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Dalian, etc. will be gradually restored. 59 Passenger trains meet the travel needs of passengers.

The specific conditions of the resumption of trains are as follows:

  1. The through train resumes operation

  1. Starting from February 22, Qiqihar South-Dalian North G766 and Dalian North-Qiqihar South G765 will resume operation.

  2. Starting from February 23, Jiamusi-Shijiazhuang G1238/9 train will resume operation; from February 24, Shijiazhuang-Jiamusi G1240/37 train will resume operation.

  3. Starting from February 23, Jiamusi-Shenyang North G754 and Shenyang North-Harbin West G755 have resumed operation.

  4. Starting from March 9th, Jiamusi-Shenyang North G752 and Shenyang North-Jiamusi G753 trains will resume operation.

  From 5.2 22nd to February 28th, the service of Jixi-Dalian T262 train was temporarily resumed, changed to Mudanjiang to start, and the operation section was adjusted to Mudanjiang-Dalian, and the service between Jixi and Mudanjiang was suspended; February 23-March On the 1st, the Dalian-Jixi train T261 was temporarily resumed and changed to Mudanjiang's final arrival. The operation section was adjusted to Dalian-Mudanjiang, and the Mudanjiang-Jixi train was suspended.

  6. Starting from February 25th, the Heihe-Dalian train K2210 resumed operation; from February 26th, the Dalian-Heihe train K2209 resumed operation.

  7. Since March 3, Hailar-Beijing K1304 train will resume operation; from March 5, Beijing-Hailaer K1301 train will resume operation.

  8. Starting from March 7, Hailar-Beijing K1302 train resumes to depart from Manzhouli Station.

  2. Trains in the pipeline resume operation and increase

  From 1.2 22nd to February 28th, continue to run Mudanjiang-Harbin West D9836 and Harbin West-Mudanjiang D9835 trains.

  2. Starting from February 23, Harbin-Suifenhe D8503, Suifenhe-Harbin D8514, and Harbin-Mudanjiang D8515 trains will resume operation.

  3. From February 23, the Mudanjiang-Harbin West D9154 train will be temporarily operated.

  4. Since February 23, Qiqihar South-Harbin D9130 times, Harbin-Qiqihar South D9129 times, Qiqihar-Mudanjiang D7946/7 times, Mudanjiang-Harbin D8510 times, Harbin-Jiamusi D7819 times, Jiamusi-Qiqihar South D7954/1 The second train resumed operation.

  5. Starting from February 23, Harbin-Jiamusi D7815, Jiamusi-Harbin D7818, Harbin-Jiamusi D7827, Harbin-Jiamusi D7809, and Jiamusi-Harbin D7828 have resumed operation.

  6. Starting from February 24, Harbin West-Jiamusi D7805, Jiamusi-Harbin D7820, and Harbin-Jiamusi D7829 trains will resume operation.

  7. Starting from February 25th, the Jiamusi-Qiqihar train D7944/1, Qiqihar-Jiamusi train D7952/3, and Jiamusi-Harbin train D7822 will resume operation.

  8. Starting from March 9th, Harbin West-Jiamusi D7803 train will resume operation; from March 10th, Jiamusi-Harbin D7804 train will resume operation.

  From September 23 to February 28, the operation was temporarily resumed for Harbin West-Qiqihar D6905 times, Qiqihar-Harbin West D6910 times, Qiqihar-Harbin D6906 times, Harbin-Qiqihar D6907 times, Qiqihar-Harbin D6916 times, Harbin-Qiqihar D6921 times train.

  10. From February 23 to February 28, the D9123 trains from Harbin West to Jiamusi, D9124 from Jiamusi to Harbin West, D9837 from Harbin West to Mudanjiang, and D9838 from Mudanjiang to Harbin West will continue.

  11. From February 23 to February 28, Suihua-Mishan K7286/7 trains were temporarily resumed; from February 24 to March 1, Mudanjiang-Mishan 4043 times, Mishan-Mudanjiang 4044 times, Mishan-Suihua K7288/5 train.

  12. From February 25th to February 26th, Suihua-Heihe K5109 train was temporarily added.

  13. Starting from March 5, Harbin-Manzhouli K7091 train will resume operation; from March 6, Manzhouli-Harbin K7092 train will resume operation.

  14. Since March 6, 4192 trains from Manzhouli to Hailar and 4191 trains from Hailar to Manzhouli will resume operation.

  (Headquarters CCTV reporter Yang Yang)