China News Service, February 22. Comprehensive foreign media reported on the 22nd that a few days ago, the 21-year-old British woman Jasmine Harrison crossed the Atlantic by rowing alone and became the youngest woman in the world to cross this route.

The 21-year-old British woman, Jasmine Harrison, crossed the Atlantic by rowing alone in 70 days, 3 hours and 48 minutes.

Image source: Reuters social media screenshot.

  According to the ABC, the 21-year-old Harrison wrote on Twitter that she had seen similar competitions in 2018 and, after being inspired, decided to participate in this challenge.

  The Atlantic Campaigns, which is responsible for organizing the challenge, said that this time, 21 ships from all over the world participated in the challenge, including some single rowers and some with up to four people. team.

  On December 12, 2020, Harrison embarked on a challenging journey, starting from the Canary Islands in Spain and finally reaching Antigua in the Caribbean. It took 70 days, 3 hours and 48 minutes.

The picture shows Harrison sharing her adventures on her social media.

Image source: Screenshot of Harrison's social media.

  During this period, the "Atlantic Rowing Event" regularly updates Harrison's whereabouts. She will plan two hours to sleep for two hours, alternately.

Harrison herself will also update her social media weekly to share her adventures, such as she encountered a striped marlin and rowed through a seaweed covered water.

  According to reports, Harrison experienced a setback when her ship capsized.

She also told her safety officer that her left elbow was injured, and the match doctor discussed the injury with her over the phone.

A few hours later, Harrison told the match doctor that she was overcoming the pain and could finish the match alone.

  On February 21, 2021, "Atlantic Rowing" posted a message on social media to congratulate Harrison, saying that she completed the challenge in 70 days, 3 hours and 48 minutes and became "the youngest woman rowing across the ocean alone."

  After arriving at the end, Harrison told reporters: "This is a wonderful adventure, it is unparalleled, get rid of everything, get rid of social networks, get rid of bad news."