China News Service, Changsha, February 22 (Reporter Xu Zhixiong) Vigorously implement the "Chu Yi Action Plan" for vocational education, in-depth implementation of the Huxiang characteristic vocational education standard development project, and continue to promote the orderly development of lifelong education... 22, Hunan Province The Department of Education officially issued the "Key Points of Hunan Vocational Education and Adult Education in 2021" (referred to as "Key Points"), striving to improve the modernization of Hunan's vocational education in the new era and providing talent support for the implementation of the "Three High and Four New" strategy.

  The main point is that the Hunan Provincial Department of Education will orderly link the construction of the two major projects of excellent vocational colleges and Chuyi vocational education brand school, carry out the construction of Chuyi brand schools and professional construction; support Hunan Industrial Vocational Technical College to be upgraded to Hunan Chuyi Industrial Vocational Technology University to support the construction of Chuyi Industrial School in Xinhua County.

  It is reported that the "Chu Yi" brand started from the Chu Yi Industrial School founded in 1909 by the famous educator of the Republic of China, Mr. Chen Runlin.

The name of "Chu Yi" takes the meaning of "only talented in Chu, happy education". "Rigorous, realistic, happy, happy education" is the school motto of Chuyi Industrial School, and it also forms "patriotism, knowledge, entrepreneurship". , Xinggong" centuries-old Chu Gong spirit.

In 1955, when the predecessor of Hunan Industrial Vocational College-Hunan Industrial School was founded, Chuyi Industrial School was an important part of it.

  Based on this, Hunan will establish and improve a high-end think tank for modern vocational education, carry out research on the spirit of Chu Yi's vocational education, run the Chu Yi vocational education lecture hall, and regularly hold Chu Yi vocational education forums.

At the same time, Chuyi Vocational Education Museum and Chuyi Vocational Education New Inheritance Base will be built.

  The key points also pointed out that the development project of Huxiang characteristic vocational education standards will be implemented in depth, and the national vocational education series standards will be promoted; improve the professional setting standards of vocational education colleges, standardize professional setting behaviors, establish professional dynamic adjustment mechanisms; guide vocational colleges to improve talents Training plan, carry out the qualification evaluation of talent training plan and professional teaching standards, and select a batch of provincial-level high-quality professional teaching, professional skills assessment and internship training standards.

  In addition, Hunan will continue to promote the orderly development of lifelong education, actively develop community education, expand the teaching resources of the Huxiang Learning Plaza, accelerate the development of education for the elderly, run an open university for the elderly, and cultivate a brand of lifelong learning activities.

Continue to implement the action plan of vocational training to promote employment and entrepreneurship, guide vocational colleges to undertake vocational skills training tasks, and guide vocational schools and leading enterprises to jointly build demonstration employee training bases.