Its design is inspired by the Ghaf tree, and it generates 143 megawatt hours of solar energy annually

ENOC Opens Future Service Station at Expo 2020 Dubai

The structure of the station was built using 133 Ghaf leaf-shaped tires.

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ENOC Group, the integrated energy partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, inaugurated the future service station with an innovative design at the site of the highly anticipated international event, in the presence of the Minister of State for International Cooperation and the Director General of Expo 2020 Dubai, Reem Al Hashemi.

The station contributes to supporting the logistical needs of the Expo 2020 fleet before the start of the event, in addition to providing services to the public in “District 2020”, an integrated urban project that has an easily accessible location, and which will be part of the actual legacy of Expo, after the end of its activities on the 31st. March 2022.

the design

The design of the new service station was inspired by the rich heritage of the UAE, represented by the shape of the Ghaf tree, which represents a national symbol.

This is the first plant in the region to include a wind turbine, while its canopy was constructed using carbon fibers.

Culminating in an innovative achievement in the fuel retail sector.

Carbon fiber

The structure of the station was constructed using 43,000 square meters of carbon fiber (equivalent to 37 tons), a lightweight, environmentally friendly material that is three times as strong as steel and five times lighter than it.

The structure was designed using 133 frames in the form of Ghaf leaves, with an innovative and corrosion-resistant "tetrafluoroethylene" material, which allows natural light to reach, provides 100% protection from UV rays, and is illuminated with more than 3,800 lights with LED lighting technology.

Renewable energy

In a bold move to introduce renewable energy generation technologies and enhance energy efficiency in the plant, 283 solar panels have been installed to generate 143 megawatt hours of solar energy annually, in addition to 25-meter wind turbines, to generate 12.7 megawatt hours of Wind energy annually.


The CEO of ENOC Group, Saif Hamid Al Falasi, said that ENOC, as part of its agreement with the Expo 2020 office, will open 10 Zoom stores alongside the future service station, pointing out that the company will open three new fueling stations. After the end of the period of the international exhibition to serve the complex «District 2020».

Al Falasi added that the group's plans aim to open about 40 new service stations this year, distributed between Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates.

He stated that the group was able to open 10 new service stations during the past year, despite the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, indicating that the group aims to open 20 new stations every year over the next four years.

new ideas

Manal Al-Bayat, CEO of Expo 2020 Dubai participation, said: “By using integrated energy and the latest technologies, ENOC’s future service station re-imagines what the service station could be, and embodies the Expo 2020 vision, represented by Inspiring new ideas, in order to create a brighter future, while bringing the world together, for a global celebration of human innovation and creativity.

She added that “the station, which integrates the shape of the Ghaf tree in its design, symbolizes the common aspirations of both (ENOC) and (Expo 2020), which seeks to be one of the most sustainable versions of the International Expo, by supporting the UAE’s broad commitment to innovative methods of development. Sustainable, and leave a meaningful legacy for our region.

Installing solar panels on the pavilion «Monaco»

The company «Insoler Emirates», which specializes in the development and application of new solar energy technologies, and the joint venture between «Dubai Investments» and «Swiss Inso SA», announced the completion of the installation of solar photovoltaic panels in the pavilion of «Monaco» exhibition «Expo 2020 Dubai».

The company stated, in a statement yesterday, that the solar panels will save 85% of energy consumption and meet the energy requirements of the entire wing, through the use of color solar panels integrated into the buildings with the patented "Chromatics" technology.

Rafik Hanbali, managing partner of Emirates Insulator, said: “The integration of our patented technology into the polygonal structure, designed to obtain energy from photovoltaic panels, completes our vision that aims to raise awareness of sustainability.”

In turn, the Commissioner General of the Monaco Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Albert Croese, said that the polygonal engineering design of the pavilion, and its use of solar photovoltaic panels, embody Monaco's sustainability approach and its aspiration to protect the environment.

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