A police officer from the anti-crime brigade (BAC).



A police officer from the anti-crime brigade (BAC) in the 18th arrondissement of Paris was sentenced on Monday to eight years' imprisonment for corruption and drug trafficking in particular, and five of his colleagues were given sentences ranging from suspended to one year closed.

The main defendant, Karim M. nicknamed "Bylka" (Kabyle in verlan), was found guilty of the seven offenses with which he was charged and saw his sentence accompanied by a definitive ban on practice.

"You deceived the judicial authority and betrayed the confidence of the police institution (with) these actions of a seasoned delinquent", declared the president of the court during the delivery of the judgment.

The appeal

Informal leader of a BAC team, the 47-year-old sergeant was notably prosecuted for having had "insurance" taken out from dealers in the popular Goutte d'Or district, granting protection to some by letting them work, for a fee. counterpart.

He "put at the disposal of delinquents his prerogatives of judicial police" in "the interest of these delinquents and of [himself]", estimated the court, which also condemned him for having trapped a suspect during 'a fabricated arrest, for 80,000 euros.

During the trial in early February, where he appeared detained alongside five members of his group and two unofficial informants, he challenged any corruption, citing police methods aimed at obtaining information, of which his superiors were aware.

"It is obvious that we are going to appeal," reacted his lawyer Patrick Maisonneuve, denouncing a "judgment based on assertions" without "demonstration".

Different guilt, different penalties

Aaron B., 39, considered to be Karim M.'s deputy, was sentenced to four years in prison, two of which were suspended for forgery and theft by a person holding public authority with, again, a definitive ban on 'exercise.

His lawyer has clarified his intention to appeal.

Against the four other officials, the court handed down sentences ranging from 12 months suspended to two years, one of which is closed with a definitive ban from practicing.

Aged 29 to 33, they were convicted of an April 2019 arraignment, some for hitting a suspect in the LAC car, others for having "dressed" the proceedings into believing that the man had crack and a knife on him - actually confiscated from another the day before.

The last two defendants, informants of "Bylka", were sentenced to 5 years in prison as well as a 30,000 euros fine, and one year in prison.

The first, 57, was convicted of active bribery and drug trafficking, the second, 53, of this second offense only.


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