The real identity of the'black bird' that appeared on a pond in Wiltshire, England, is shocking.

On the 17th local time, the BBC and other foreign media reported that the British Animal Cruelty Prevention Association (RSPCA) rescued the black birds in Westbury Pond after two days of rescue work.

On the 12th, the association mobilized after receiving a report that "a black bird is struggling in pain by the pond."

In fact, when the staff found the black algae that looked uncomfortable, they immediately went to rescue, but failed as the terrified black algae entered the water.

The association's staff returned to the site as soon as the day dawned, and found something strange about the black bird.

The head and body are black, because only the tail feathers are white.

After a while, the staff found black grease floating in the pond where the black algae were swimming, and in fact, they found out that the black algae had been covered with black foreign matter.

The staff were astonished at the gruesome sight.

The association, which rescued the swans, washed them using dishwashing detergent that is harmless to animals.

Black water came out of the fur, but the original body color could not be restored at once.

"At first, I thought that oil was spilled into the pond, but the material stuck to the swan's body felt more like powdery powder than that," said Step

Dali, an investigator of the Animal Cruelty Prevention Association

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The association also appealed for reports from nearby residents, saying, "In addition to those swans, there will be swans that have been damaged."

The policy is to cooperate with the police investigation to find the culprit who discarded items that should not be thrown in the pond where the swans live.

The association later shared a photo of a swan that turned light gray along with a later comment on social media that it was "washed all week, but has not yet become a complete'swan."

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(Photo ='RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife','Swan Support' Facebook)