The reader who contacted Ilta-Sanomat wondered how it is possible that it was possible to rain water in southern Finland in the evening, even though it was frosty.

Shouldn't something else be raining then?

Helena Laakso, a meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, says that today the west has become mild air to southern Finland and cold weather has flowed from the east.

- There is milder air above and colder air below.

The subcooled rain that comes from there does not have time to turn into snow in that thin, cold layer, but it comes as water up to the surface and freezes on that surface, Laakso explains.

Meteorologist Markus Mäntykangas reported a similar phenomenon on the Foreca blog a few days ago.

- When subcooled water meets cold surfaces, it immediately freezes on them, Mäntykangas said.

- The result can be quite a lot of atmospheric tuned ice fields during the weekend.

Better careful than the street!

Driving conditions have been extremely slippery in southern Finland today, and it is this phenomenon that is to blame.

During the night, gradually freezing rainfall weakens and the rain turns more into snow.

- But it's frosty tomorrow morning too, so you have to be careful, especially pedestrians.

The weather is still slippery, Valley warns.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute illustrated on Twitter where icy rains are especially promised during Sunday and Monday mornings.

- The biggest risk is in the zone from Uusimaa to the southern parts of Ostrobothnia, the Finnish Meteorological Institute said.

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