'Santa', who came over Christmas, brought a smile to the face of an 8-year-old child.

On the 18th local time, foreign media such as ABC in the United States introduced the story of Jeremiah, who lives with her grandmother in Alexandra, Louisiana, received the best gift of her life from a man she never saw.

Jeremiah, who loves basketball, has played an active part in the children's basketball team at the local church.

I had a dream of becoming a basketball player like LeBron James, but the practice space wasn't always right for young Jeremy.

But Jeremya found her own way of training.

If you can throw the ball, you've decided to consider it a'basketball goal'.

In particular, trash cans that can be easily found inside and outside the house were the best basketball hoops to use.

Jeremiah used to set up a trash can in front of his house, toss the ball hundreds of times, and practice scoring.

But recently, a strange man came to Jeremy's house.

He pushed out the great children's hoop and said something unexpected.

"I saw you ride a little before tea throw a basketball ball in the trash kid reach past the front of the house. In came four want to give it as a gift '

was that called.

Jeremiah ran around with a big smile at an unexpected gift, and Grandma Williams burst into tears, thrilled by the courtesy of a first-time viewer.

The man who played Jeremiah's surprise Santa was Devin Hinston, a local villager.

Later, as the story became known through Mr. Williams' social media, his interest in him grew, and Mr. Hinston said, "It wasn't something I did to let people know," embarrassing him and saying, "I always try to be kind to children."

He added, "I was deeply moved by seeing Jeremiah and Williams who are happy. I shed tears on the spot," he added, "It was a very precious experience."

Receiving a special gift, Jeremiah led the team to victory by scoring 12 points in a match held a few days later.

"I think it's true to say that'raising a child takes the effort of the whole town'," said Mr. Williams. "I am grateful that Mr. Hinston appeared in our lives."

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(Photo ='Patricia J Williams' Facebook)