The new music competition saw a flamboyant performance when pop stars Erika Vikman and Antti Tuisku jumped on the same stage.

Photo: Miikka Varila / Yle

Dressed in black, glittery and semi-transparent full-body outfits, Vikman and Tuisku started the show from a high table.

Lying on the table, Vikman started the show with his hit The Table of Sinners.

A very impressive and high main decoration was seen at Vikman's head throughout the performance.

Photo: Miikka Varila

The song continued with Tuisku's hit The Beast is off.

The more than four-minute show featured plenty of fast-paced dance moves.

During the chorus of his hit Cicciolina, for example, Vikman burst into a showy spaghetti in the middle of the stage.

Tuisku was also seen kneeling in front of Vikman embracing his thigh.

Photo: Miikka Varila

Photo: Miikka Varila

The erotic and fast-paced show was Vikman and Tuisku's first joint performance.

UMK is a familiar competition for Vikman, as he competed for the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest last year, finishing second in his song Cicciolina.

Photo: Miikka Varila / Yle

Antti Tuisku, on the other hand, ran the New Music Competition for the first time this year.

The UMK final will be shown live on Yle TV1 and Yle Areena from 9 pm.

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