The Russian government has approved the third new coronavirus vaccine made in Russia, and is expected to further focus on overseas supply in the future.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced at a government meeting on the 20th that he had approved a vaccine for the new coronavirus produced by the Chumakov Memorial Research and Development Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

It was the third Russian-made vaccine to be approved after Sputnik V and others, and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin emphasized the development results, saying that Russia is the only country that can use three types of domestic vaccines.

The person in charge of the research institute, who was involved in the development, said, "We are planning to enter the global market," and it is expected that we will further focus on supplying vaccines overseas with this approval.

Russia approved "Sputnik V" in August last year for being the first in the world to succeed in development, and has already supplied it to multiple countries, but it has been pointed out that the disclosure of clinical trial data is insufficient. It was.

For this reason, the authorities have set up venues in department stores and theaters in the capital city of Moscow that can be vaccinated without complicated procedures so that people who are worried about vaccination can also be vaccinated. The woman said, "I hate hospitals, so I came to the theater."