Every year, the Department of Aquatic Resources conducts an overview that describes conditions and trends for the most fished species in the sea and Sweden's four largest lakes.

The report for 2020 includes 48 species divided into about a hundred different stocks.

- It is a very special composition of the fish stocks in Lake Vättern.

Where we have a unique mix between northern and southern species, says Anton Halldén, county fisheries consultant and unit manager Fisheries Unit Jönköping County Administrative Board.

While most lakes down in southern Sweden are dominated by pike, perch, roach and pikeperch, it is instead salmonids that dominate in Lake Vättern, says Anton Halldén.

- Because it is so deep and cold and extremely poor in nutrients, it is a very special fishing ecosystem that is very sensitive to impact.

Does not share the view of increased fishing

According to the report from SLU, the stocks of whitefish, lake and whitefish have become so strong that the species would be able to cope with increased fishing.

When it comes to vendace, Anton Halldén does not share the view that it could handle increased fishing.

However, catches of, for example, perch and bream should not increase in Lake Vättern, according to the report.

SLU's report also shows that fishing for char should not increase.