Cross-country skier Iivo Niskanen, 29, shook his head bald last week.

Now he is throwing a challenge in the direction of Norway, towards fierce competitor Emil Iversen.

- I think Emil should also shave his head.

But my theory is that Iversen has to keep his hair if he is a pair of Johannes Hösflot Kläbo in a pair of sprints.

Business is about business, Niskanen comments to Dagbladet.

Kläbo is known to rely on an enviable handsome hairbrush.

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But even baldness has brought hard victories on the ski slopes to Martin Johnsrud Sundby, Pål Golberg, Sjur Röthe and Aleksander Bolshunov, for example.

- Above all, hairstyle has historically guaranteed good results, Niskanen stated.

A Finnish cannon told Ilta-Sanomat earlier this week that the main reason for the clan head was that the master did not have to go to the barber shop before the World Cup.

By avoiding the barber, human contacts are reduced by at least one during the Corona period.

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The Oberstdorf World Championships start next Thursday.

On the closing day of the race, a 50-kilometer traditional ski race will be held.

Niskanen is the Olympic winner of the trip from 2018. In addition to Bolshunov, he now raises two Norwegians as challengers.

- I think Golberg and Iversen are hard to beat.

That is 100% sure, Niskanen told Dagbladet.