Original title: The Prime Minister of Cambodia confirmed that 32 Chinese citizens were diagnosed with the new crown. The Chinese Embassy issued a strong appeal on the same day!

  [Global Network Report] According to the latest news from Agence France-Presse, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen confirmed on the 20th that the Chinese community in the country had an outbreak of new crown pneumonia. Test results showed that 32 Chinese citizens were diagnosed with the new crown virus.

Hun Sen appealed to the public not to discriminate against Chinese in Cambodia.

  "We found 32 cases of large-scale community infection... This is a very bad situation for us." Hun Sen said in a televised speech.

According to the report, Hun Sen confirmed that "all those who tested positive today are Chinese."

  Agence France-Presse said that the case was discovered because a group of Chinese citizens in Cambodia were tested for the new coronavirus in order to apply for exit.

Hun Sen emphasized in his speech, "This happened to Chinese citizens, (but) please don't discriminate against Chinese people."

  According to a report from the Cambodian China Times on February 20, local time, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen described the community spread as a "2.20" incident.

According to reports, Hun Sen pointed out in a national television speech this morning (20th) that the "2.20" incident was the third community spread in Cambodia.

  Also on the 20th, the website of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia issued a reminder, calling on Chinese citizens in Cambodia to strictly abide by Cambodian epidemic prevention regulations.

  The embassy statement stated that in recent days, a few Chinese citizens who came to Cambodia illegally left the quarantine hotel to go out; a few Chinese citizens in Cambodia deliberately hid after learning that the test result was positive, avoiding isolation treatment.

The above actions seriously violated the Cambodian government's relevant anti-epidemic regulations, which not only brought great challenges to Cambodia's epidemic prevention work, but also allegedly violated relevant local laws.

  The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia strongly urges: Chinese citizens in Cambodia must strictly abide by the Cambodian government's epidemic prevention regulations, and actively cooperate with the Cambodian health authorities in relevant epidemic prevention work.

If someone develops symptoms related to new coronary pneumonia, please seek medical attention immediately without concealment; if someone is diagnosed as positive, please actively cooperate with the authorities for isolation and treatment, and truthfully inform them of their close contact history, and do not escape.