Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, an American electric car company that sparked the bitcoin investment craze, said that the price of cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum seems to be high.

Foreign media reported that Musk commented on the Twitter post of Bitcoin skeptics and gold investment advocate Peter Seef.

When Seef revealed that "gold is better than bitcoin and conventional cash," Musk said, "Money is just data that avoids the inconvenience of bartering. Even so, the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum seems to be high." Said.

Bitcoin has soared 350% over the past six months amid investor buying, and has risen 64% this month alone.

Yesterday (19th), the market cap exceeded 1 trillion dollars, about 1,106 trillion won for the first time.

Musk has also ignited the bitcoin craze through several direct and indirect comments.

On the 2nd, it was publicly identified as a "Bitcoin Advocate," and on the 8th it was revealed that Tesla had bought $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, triggering a price spike.

Musk also praised Tesla's bitcoin investment, saying, "When the real interest rate of fiat money is negative, only idiots don't look elsewhere."