A piece of paper with Steve Jobs' handwriting heated the auction market.

On the 17th local time, foreign media such as Entreplaner, an American management media, reported that the'handwritten resume' written by Apple founder Steve Jobs was looking for a new owner.

The resume was written in 1973, when Steve Jobs was only 18 years old.

When Steve Jobs, who attended Reed College in Oregon, dropped out for financial reasons, Steve Jobs was known to have had a difficult time auditing, eavesdropping on college classes, and sleeping on the floor of a friend's house.

Steve Jobs, who jumped into a job amidst the difficulty of living, checked that he is "good at computers and computation" in the item on'technology', and explained that he is good at electronic technology and digital design in the column where he wrote'specialty' and drew attention. It.

He wrote "I don't have a phone" in the field where I wrote the phone number, and also wrote "I have a driver's license," and added, "It's possible to drive yourself, but it's unlikely."

Nothing is known as to whether Steve Jobs wrote the résumé for which position in which company he eventually got a job. However, Steve Jobs is known to have met Steve Wozniak, who joined Atari as an engineer in 1974, the following year, and will later become Apple's co-founder.

Charterfields, an online auction site, explained, "Steve Jobs' resume, which sold for $175,000 in 2018, has been put on the auction market again." The auction closes on the 24th of next month.

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