• Economy: The PP has mortgaged its headquarters in Genoa until 2036 with Banco Santander, paid 39.9 million for it and needs income

  • The future of the party: The PP statutes prevent Pablo Casado from leaving Genoa without the endorsement of the party

The march of the PP from its emblematic headquarters, in Madrid's Genoa street, has a main motive - to leave behind the shadow of corruption and break with the past - and a secondary, but very relevant one: to save money, at a time when that the party's coffers are not exactly buoyant.

This is recognized in the national leadership of the PP, where they assure that the change "will help" to clean up accounts that suffered a huge impact after the bad electoral results of 2019. And spending less at headquarters will give them "air" to be able to allocate more funds to politics, even though they have already written off "most of the mortgage" with which they bought the building.

And this has been recognized by the national spokesman of the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who has assured in Telecinco that in the farewell to Genoa not only does the Bárcenas case weigh, but also "logistical or economic issues influence."

"The situation of the PP is not the same as a few years ago due to the electoral situation and we have to apply austerity and efficiency measures in spending," the mayor of Madrid also recognized.

The PP has been since 1983 (when the brand was Alianza Popular) at number 13 in Genoa.

The identification of the party with the building has been such that the name of the street is used as a metonymy for the address: to speak of "Genoa" is to speak of Pablo Casado, Teodoro García Egea and their hard core.

The surprise announcement of the building's march has shaken the party.

So much so, that three of the five barons have avoided praising the movement: Alberto Núñez Feijóo (President of Galicia), Juanma Moreno (Andalusia) and Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (Castilla y León).

In all three cases, they have assured that they respect the decision, but that they prefer not to value it.

In the surroundings of Almeida they do not share the moment in which the move was announced, but the mayor of Madrid is also the party's national spokesperson.

For this reason, this Friday has stressed that what the PP intends is "to give a message of firmness and forcefulness."

"It is a thoughtful and reasonable decision, but it is important that there are symbolic decisions that convey feedback," he said.

Above all, when the National Court investigates whether the works of the headquarters were paid with money from Bárcenas box B.

"It is not that they are saying that this trial is going to end in a guilty sentence, but it is necessary to raise the bar of exemplarity," Almeida stressed.

"Not in the PP, but in general. We have to make decisions from the political point of view that reinforce the confidence of the citizens," he has settled.

On the other hand, Almeida has stated that he is not aware that Albert Rivera is mediating for a merger between the PP and Ciudadanos.

In Genoa they also deny it, although they do not hide that there is a good relationship, also professional, since the PP has hired Rivera's law firm for two unconstitutional appeals.

"Rivera has a very interesting political legacy," Almeida has dropped.

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