In December, the youth organization at Råslätt in Jönköping decided to close all activities until the end of January.

By then, residents in the area had sounded the alarm about an escalation of criminal activity and Underground's car had been blown up.

- We got good help from the insurance company so now we can soon be up and running again.

I have just been informed that the car has gone through the inspection, says Peter Magnusson, operations manager at Underground.

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Car fires, blown up car and open drug dealing.

Now the youth activity Underground chooses to pause its activities.

Photo: Mattias Landström / Nyhetswebben

The operations at Underground are now up and running again after the closure.

Although the uncertainty about the future is great, there is also the hope of change.

Threat to the family

- There has been a threat against both me and my family and the business, he says.

In addition, there are still serious criminals in the area that children and young people have to pass on the way there or home.

Now the business makes decisions month by month and Peter Magnusson hopes that all actors can gather and work together to create a safe and good environment to continue working in the long term.

- One of the concerns is that many resourceful families now choose to move away from Råslätt to a greater extent than before.

It affects us, not least in the form of a shortage of volunteers.

Young people get sick

The reopening has been received with joy.

Many of the young people have been hurt by the fact that Underground has also been closed, when so much else has also been the case, says Peter Magnusson.

Now it is hoped that the driving lessons can also start next week.