China News Service, February 18th. The Ministry of Civil Affairs announced today on its official website the list of the first batch of suspected illegal social organizations in 2021. Ten organizations including the "Chinese Aesthetics Research Association" were included in the list.

  In recent years, the civil affairs departments have continued to crack down on illegal social organizations, dealt with a large number of illegal social organizations in accordance with the law, effectively purified the development environment of social organizations, and achieved good social effects.

However, some organizations and personnel still ignore the legal red line and continue to carry out activities illegally.

In order to further increase the crackdown and rectification and give full play to the role of social supervision, the list of the first batch of suspected illegal social organizations in 2021 that lack evidence clues in the preliminary inspection is now published to remind the public to beware of being deceived:

  1. Chinese Aesthetics Research Association

  2. China Blockchain Committee

  3. China-Africa Cultural Friendship Association

  4. China Patriotic Artists Association

  5. Chinese Volunteers Association

  6. China Cultural Construction Committee

  7. International Chinese Arts Association

  8. Chinese Party History Research Association

  9. China Yu Clan Association

  10. China Interdisciplinary Talent Training Association