Since last year, the Ministry of Education has taken the lead in handling more than a thousand proposals for the two sessions

Proposal response rate is 100%, communication rate is 100%

  Beijing, February 18 (China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily reporter Ye Yuting) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Education today that since 2020, the Ministry of Education has received 2,388 proposals from NPC deputies and CPPCC members that involve education. , 1,428 suggestions, 960 proposals, and 1160 proposals (666 proposals, 494 proposals). The content mainly involves the establishment of morality, promoting education fairness, improving the quality of education development, enhancing the economic and social capabilities of education services, and continuing to improve education Five aspects of the guarantee mechanism.

Currently, the Ministry of Education recommends 100% response rate and 100% communication rate.

  Among them, in terms of promoting the construction of informatization platforms and promoting education equity, on October 13, 2020, the responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Education fully communicated with Ma Jinglin, the principal of Beijing No. 4 Middle School and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and actively adopted information on education informatization and Internet Suggestions on security issues.

In February 2020, the Ministry of Education opened a national network cloud platform for primary and secondary schools, and opened textbook curriculum learning modules and various special curriculum learning modules to meet the needs of primary and secondary school students across the country for home learning during the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  In response to the employment issue of college students, the Ministry of Education adopted the suggestions of Lu Jian, deputy to the National People's Congress and Mei Guoping, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and took multiple measures to stabilize graduate employment during the new crown pneumonia epidemic and post-epidemic era, and implement high-quality enrollment expansion.

In 2020, the enrollment scale of postgraduate students nationwide will reach 1 million, an increase of 189,000 compared with 2019. The enrollment scale of general undergraduates will reach 640,000, an increase of 322,000 compared with 2019. The enrollment plan for the second bachelor's degree will reach 100,000; party and government agencies and institutions , State-owned enterprises, grassroots projects, etc., open more positions to graduates, and the number of graduates has increased by more than 700,000 over the same period in 2019; it also launched the "24365 Campus Recruitment Service Platform" and held the sixth China International "Internet +" college students Innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and other activities.

  Source: China Youth Daily