Cologne (dpa) - The co-inventor of the «Sendung mit der Maus», Armin Maiwald, has a secret passion for the little elephant.

Not the eponymous mouse, but the blue pachyderm is his secret favorite animal in the children's show, the 81-year-old revealed to the German press agency.

«Because it's so nice and small and lumpy.

And because elephants supposedly have such an infinite memory.

Even after decades, they should recognize people who have done them harm.

I think that's good, ”said Maiwald.

He himself is not a resentful person - but he also has a relatively good memory.

"That is perhaps the point that makes the elephant most appealing to me."

The “Sendung mit der Maus” celebrates its 50th birthday this year, as the “Laughter and Factual Stories” had their television premiere on March 7, 1971.

The little elephant only joined the format in 1975 as a companion of the mouse.


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