An Iraqi court today sentenced to death twice by hanging a woman who dumped her two children in the Tigris River last October.

A judicial source clarified that the Karkh Criminal Court in Baghdad - in the presence of the accused and the defense lawyer - issued a preliminary death sentence, according to Article 406 of the Iraqi Penal Code.

Article 406 of the Iraqi Penal Code stipulates that the death penalty shall be imposed on anyone who deliberately kills a person with premeditation or stalking.

For his part, legal counsel Tariq Harb told Anadolu Agency that the verdict is subject to discrimination, noting that after throwing her two children into the river, the accused went to the police and turned herself in voluntarily.

We are a long time ago people are ready to sell all their possessions in exchange for covering the costs of treatment until they have a child.

And in the people of God he bestowed upon them a great blessing, and you do not know its value and give it up easily.

Whatever the circumstances and the reasons for the children, the joy of parents and the crime does not address the problems nor improve conditions.

#Tigris River

- Fatima Skiki (@fatima_skaiki) October 19, 2020

The horrific crime shook Iraq at the time, and organizations (concerned with defending children's rights) demanded that the judiciary impose the harshest penalties on the mother of the two children, whose bodies were found by the security forces in the river after days of searching.

The woman’s divorced woman spoke to reporters at the end of last year about disputes with his ex-wife. According to the Iraqi police, the accused confessed to having committed the crime of throwing her two children in the Tigris River.

Surveillance cameras in Baghdad showed the woman throwing her two children from the top of the Imams Bridge, linking the Al-Kadhimiya and Al-Adhamiya regions in Baghdad.