SERIELAND ENTRETIEN: "I promise you", the French version of the American series "This Is Us", has recently been broadcast on TF1.

On this occasion, Eva Roque receives one of the main performers, Hugo Becker, an actor seen in "Baron Noir", "Chefs" or "In the service of France".

In this first part of the interview, he looks back on the construction of his character as a father and behind the scenes of the series. 

Prince of Monaco in

Gossip Girl

, young idealist politician in

Baron noir

or even kitchen assistant in

Chefs ... 

Hugo Becker is a regular in the series.

In ten years of career, he has experienced the American, Spanish, English and French sets of course.

Since February 1, we discover it in the new series of TF1,

I promise you

, the French remake of the American series

This Is Us


The series in 12 episodes, and built with jumps in time, tells the story of a family over several decades.

Hugo Becker plays the father of the family, Paul.

At his side, we find Camille Lou who plays his partner, Marilou Berry, Guillaume Labbé and Narcisse Mame who play his children as adults. 

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In SERIELAND, the podcast of Europe 1 Studio by those who love series and make them, Eva Roque gives a great interview to the actor.

What were

the most difficult

scenes in

I promise you

to act?

How does he focus before a scene?

How does he see his services?

In this first part of the big interview, Hugo Becker reveals the behind the scenes of the TF1 series. 

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