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US Department of Justice said it has prosecuted three hackers belonging to the North Korean Reconnaissance Office for allegations of stealing virtual currency from overseas banks and businesses.

They are known to have stolen over 1 trillion won of virtual currency.

This is Kim Jong-won from New York.

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US Justice Department has announced that it has prosecuted three hackers from the North Korean Reconnaissance Office.

The U.S. prosecutors who investigated the case said that these agents stole over $1.2 billion in virtual currency and KRW 1.4 trillion in our money by creating a ransomware virus and hacking into banks and cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. .

[John Dimmers/US Assistant Secretary for National Security at the US Department of Justice: North Korean agents are using keyboards instead of guns to steal virtual currency instead of bundles of cash.

They have become the world's largest bank robbers.] The

US FBI also says North Korean hackers have been issued warrants to confiscate $1.9 million worth of cryptocurrencies that are being stolen from New York banks and stored on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The U.S. Department of Justice said the prosecution took place as an extension of the 2014 hacking of the film company Sony Pictures.

North Korea strongly opposed Sony Pictures, which produced the comedy movie ``Interview,'' about assassination of the North Korean leader at the time, and launched a hacking attack. Indicted for the first time

However, it is known that the US government has not secured recruits as these hackers are mainly active in North Korea.