Former US President Donald Trump on Tuesday opened the attack on Republican Senate party leader Mitch McConnell.

He voted against a conviction of Trump in his second impeachment trial on Saturday, but afterwards strongly condemned him and held him "morally responsible" for the storming of the Capitol.

According to Trump, the Republican Party will "never be respected or strong again" with McConnell in a leadership position, he said in a statement through his political lobby group Save America.

"McConnell's commitment to the normal course, the status quo, along with his lack of political acumen, wisdom, skill and personality, has rapidly transformed him from a majority leader to a minority leader," Trump writes, referring to the painful loss. of the majority in the Senate from Republicans.

The former president also blames McConnell for the Republican loss in the state of Georgia in both the presidential and Senate elections.

Trump also indirectly reiterated his unsubstantiated allegation of electoral fraud that he believes has taken place.

He blames the Republican party leadership for not having done its work on "electoral integrity".

Trump's influence on the party remains large

Although Trump left the White House almost a month ago, his influence on the Republican party remains undiminished.

Only seven of the fifty Republican senators voted Saturday for a conviction in the impeachment trial, in which Trump was on trial for instigating the storming of the Capitol in early January.

McConnell, a staunch ally of the president during Trump's tenure, later lashed out at the former president.

He also accused the president of doing too little to end the riots.

Both Trump and his opponents in the Republican Party have already thought of creating a new party.

It was announced on Thursday that a number of moderate Republican former politicians are in the process of establishing a new center-right party.